Wasabi Powder Spice - Sushi Powder And Multi Purpose - Certified

Out Of Stock Wasabi Powder Spice - Sushi Powder And Multi Purpose - Certified

Wasabi Powder, Extra Hot Premium Wasabi Paste, Dried Horseradish Kosher Certified, 2.5 Oz (2-Pack, Total of 5 Oz) Natural Earth Products

  • HOT AND DELICIOUS: Our wasabi root powder packs in a lot more heat than most other ones out there. This wasabi made with horseradish features a double dose of heat and flavor, perfect for your next spicy meal. Enjoyable for those hot food lovers out there.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: At Natural Earth Products we believe in premium quality foods with excellent flavors. Our wasabi includes a impactful taste that's unmatched in it’s quality.
  • HOW TO MAKE: Making Wasabi paste is as easy as it looks. Simply combine equal parts powder with warm water to make wasabi paste with unmatched quality.
  • SUSHI, FISH, AND MORE: Wasabi Paste can make a great addition to many different dishes. Besdies for being commonly known with Sushi, wasabi can go on fish, mixed into a sauce or marinade, or blended it in a mouth watering mayo sandwich.
  • INGREDIENTS: Horseradish Powder, Mustard, Horseradish Leaves Powder, Shankui.
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