Worldwide Botanicals Organic Ramón Seeds – Dark Roast - Aka Capo

Out Of Stock Worldwide Botanicals Organic Ramón Seeds – Dark Roast - Aka Capo

Worldwide Botanicals Organic Ramón Seeds – Dark Roast - AKA Capomo, Ojoche, Maya Nut, Bread Nut, Mojo, Masica - Ground Coffee Alternative, Gluten-Free, Kosher, Brew Like Coffee! 1 lb

  • 100% ORGANIC ROASTED RAMON SEEDS: Nutrient dense ramon seeds are dark roasted to produce a taste that combines flavors of coffee and chocolate and then ground. Add to coffee to lower its acidity and caffeine or brew roasted ramon by itself to enjoy the Maya's favorite roasted beverage.
  • BREW ROASTED RAMON SEEDS LIKE COFFEE: Our all-purpose grind can be brewed in any kind of coffee maker including drip, espresso and French press. It can also be steeped in a tea pot and strained through a mesh strainer.
  • HIGH IN NUTRIENTS AND ANTIOXIDANTS: Ramón seeds have 2x the amount of calcium as corn, quinoa and oats, are high in fiber and high in potassium. They are comparable to walnuts in their high level of antioxidants and contain tryptophan to help calm your nerves in stressful times
  • SUSTAINABLY WILD HARVESTED: Sourced from ramon trees in Guatemala’s Maya Biosphere Reserve, this nutritious seed provides a source of food and income for rural communities. Wild harvesting protects forests because it gives economic value to standing trees and helps prevent illegal logging
  • OUR QUALITY PROMISE: With over 40 years of experience sourcing premier botanicals, Worldwide Botanicals develops and works in partnership with suppliers to import the highest quality products. We're dedicated to rainforest preservation, organic agriculture and optimal health!
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