Yimi Premium Dried Minced Garlic Dried Vegetables, Natural Dry,

Out Of Stock Yimi Premium Dried Minced Garlic Dried Vegetables, Natural Dry,

Yimi Dried Minced Normal Garlic Granulated Garlic, Gluten Free, No MSG, Father's Day Gift, 7.4 ounces

  • SIMPLE & NATURAL INGREDIENT-The fresh garlic used in Yimi dried minced garlic is picked from natural farm and dried under the sun to lock in its nutrition and flavor. Then we pack dried granulated garlic properly to maintain best quality and freshness. Dehydrated granulated garlic is free of MSG, additives, preservatives or colorings.
  • A FLEXIBLE ALTERNATIVE-With our dried chopped garlic, you can save time and energy to buy, wash, peel or chop fresh garlic. This is a simple and quick way that soak Yimi dried minced garlic in hot water for 5 minutes and then you can add flavor to soups, sauces, braises, stews. And Yimi dried garlic is easy to storage and can be use anyway anytime.
  • GOOD SOURCE OF HEALTH-Dried minced garlic contains vitamin C, selenium, protein, minerals etc., it can give your cooking and overall wellness a boost. As everyday seasoning, our dried normal garlic is healthier than fried, canned or frozen garlic slices, smoother than raw garlic, and less spicy and lighter fragrance than dried minced pure garlic. Prefect for Father's Day gift.
  • PREFECT SEASONING-Yimi dried granulated garlic can remove fishy smell from beef, fish or seafood, and add garlic flavor on bread and pasta. Due to convenience and light weight of Yimi dried minced garlic, it can also be taken to hiking, backpacking, traveling and camping activities. You can store dehydrated granulated garlic as emergency preparaness.
  • 100% MONEY BACK WARRANTY - Yimi provides lifetime after-sales service for all products and 30 days money back guarantee. Customers can get full refund or replacement if the dried minced garlic doesn't meet expectation. You have no risk to try!
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