We opened Barzini’s in 1983 to offer this neighborhood a wider selection of foods: an eclectic range of gourmet items and glorious produce. My brother Parviz and I saw the need for more food choices around 91st Street and we started up our business on the Upper West Side. We stock a lot of different foods and have many many, chocolates among all the other goodies!

Come in for what you need, what you want, and when you’re just looking for something tasty to nosh. Want something special? Ask one of us anytime. We’re open all the time to be your food source. And maybe even cooking consultants!

What You’ll Find

  • 24/7 Service for the city that never sleeps, but always eats
  • A remarkable range of fruits and vegetables at good prices
  • Fresh and cured meats and fish for sandwiches or dinners
  • 200+ cheeses from international cows, sheep, and goats
  • Dozens of fresh-baked goods come in daily
  • Sweet and savory exotic treats for special meal touches
  • Prepared salads and entree items for a change of taste
  • A full array of many drinks, including 200 beers

Store Hours
7 days a week, 24 hours a day