In 1928, Henry Hamilton purchased 53 acres in the Rockaway Valley (now known as the Tourne County Park – Rockaway River access) and began growing a variety of vegetables. Hamilton Farms back then included a farmhouse, barns and several outbuildings used to house horses, pigs, chickens and farm equipment.

Henry was called the “Romaine King” as he was well known for being the best grower of salad ingredients.

His son, Henry A. (Andy) a graduate of Mountain Lakes High School studied agriculture at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. When he came home one summer, he built his first plastic greenhouse. A few years later he purchased the property down the road where he constructed the glass greenhouses that you see today.

Hamilton Farms is still family owned and operated by Henry’s grandson and Andy’s nephew, Thomas and his wife Doreen who continue on with the family tradition. We have been family-owned and operated in the Rockaway  Valley for over 83 years. Let our knowledgeable staff assist you in all  of your gardening needs! Shop our five-acres of greenhouses, rain or  shine, to pick out that perfect garden plant.

What You Will Find

  • Produce
  • Baked Goods
  • Plants
  • Propane tanks all year round
  • Cords of wood for the winter months

From April 1st thru December 24th shop our Best of the Season Farm Fresh Local Produce available seven days a week. No need to wait until the weekend to enjoy healthy wholesome fruits and vegetables. Our farm market is always full of wonderful surprises.