Patel Brothers is the largest Indian Grocery chain in America, with over 35 stores nationwide and still growing. It started in 1974 Chicago, when Mr. Mafat Patel purchased his first grocery store from Mr. Ramesh Trivedi, together with his brother, Tulsi Patel and his sister in law, Aruna Patel. With Chicago’s growing Indian population the Patel’s family store quickly became the place where one could purchase the ingredients to make a traditional Indian meal. It was a beginning of commitment o tradition and hard work that has sustained this family run business for nearly four decades.

Indian rich heritage is closely linked to culinary traditions. Many Indian traditions and beliefs are directly related to the foods we eat and the dishes we prepare. With the strict vegetarian diets of many areas of India, ingredients like dals, lentils, and rice are cornerstones of Indian cuisine. The culinary diversity of India’s various regions is tied together by a common thread, and no Indian meal would be complete without the intense flavor of aromatic, all-natural Indian spices.

At Patel Brothers store you will find the best ingredients from around the world, a wide variety of authentic regional ingredients connecting communities with the familiar flavors of India.