We’re not just grocers. We’re also your neighbors. We live, work, and raise our families right here in Brooklyn. So we designed Union Market to be the kind of place we’d want to shop at ourselves. That means offering a range of products you’d look for in a supermarket – only with better quality.

We’re out to offer the highest quality products in every category. After all, we shop here ourselves, and we cook at home with the same food we sell in our stores. So stock local, organic, and all natural products whenever available.

What You’ll Find

Organic. Local. All natural. Food like that gives you the best value in the long run, healthwise and otherwise. So that’s what we carry, real food at a real value. We won’t sell anything we wouldn’t eat ourselves.

We’re aiming to make our whole business sustainable. So we only use green energy to power our stores. Our Court Street store was the first Gold Certified LEED Green grocery in New York.

Store hours:
7AM–9PM Daily