supertargetThe Target Corporation is the second-largest discount retailing company in the United States. With 1,797 stores in the U.S., Target is a brand name in every home, offering a complete center for all of your daily and household needs. In addition to these large retail stores, Target has the SuperTarget hypermarkets to further provide your shopping needs with everything in one place.


Target first opened in 1962 in Minnesota under the Dayton Hudson Corporation. After a huge growth in division the Dayton Hudson Corporation changed it’s name to The Target Corporation. In 1995, The Target Corp. opened it’s first hypermarket in Omaha, Nebraska. The Target hypermarket carries all of the regular Target merchandise in addition to having a full grocery selection with fresh produce, bakery and deli, and most locations having an optical store. In addition some locations have a Starbucks Coffee, Pizza Hut Express, Taco Bell Express, a pharmacy, a portrait studio, and a bank. SuperTarget stores are not open 24 hours.

In 2001, Target chairman and CEO Robert J. Ulrich announced that Supertarget will be the “preferred” store format for all Targets, where space permits. Target has 1,522 stores, 251 SuperTargets, and 5 City Targets.


Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota
No. of SuperTarget Stores: 251
No. of Target stores: 1,522
No. of Target Employees (total): 361,000
Annual Revenue (total): $73.3 Billion (US)

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