9 Bars of Karl Fazer Dark Chocolate, Cocoa 47% Finland

9 Bars of Karl Fazer Dark Chocolate, Cocoa 47% Finland

9 Bars of Karl Fazer Dark Chocolate, Cocoa 47% Finland

THE SECRET OF FAZER: " Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate is manufactured in Fazer's factory in Vantaa with several decades' professional experience. This beloved delicacy is made according to the original recipe. We produce 13 million Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate bars every year.Only the very best ingredients are accepted. The secret of the taste lies in the rich and skilful combination of raw materials of the highest quality: fresh milk, sugar, cocoa mass and cocoa butter.Meticulous quality control is of utmost importance in all stages of production in order to achieve as a result chocolate with a pure and smooth taste.Fresh milk is brought to the factory in tank trucks and the water it contains is carefully vaporized. Then, sugar is added and the mixture is processed into condensed milk suitable for manufacturing chocolate.More water is vaporized and cocoa mass and cocoa butter are added. Then the chocolate mass is carefully ground into fine powder in two stages to make the velvety milk chocolate.Only after this is the chocolate mass pumped into special mixers to be mixed with cocoa butter. This changes the state of the chocolate into a liquid, and it acquires its final taste. Finally, the chocolate is pumped into a container from which it is used to cast chocolate bars and countlines.A taste of fresh milk... Fazer is one of the few chocolate manufacturers that still uses fresh milk in its production. Fresh milk is a vital ingredient in Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate. Every day, several tank trucks of carefully inspected, first-rate milk arrive at the chocolate factory in Vantaa.Every year, 20 million litres of fresh milk is used, employing some 3,000 dairy cows. To manufacture one 200-gram chocolate bar, three full glasses of milk are required. Milk is a sensitive product, demanding well-defined processing instructions to ensure proper quality. Every bar of Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate must always provide the same top-notch, smooth taste sensation." - Karl Fazer
  • Totally you will get four bars and 63.5 oz or 1800 g of delicious Karl Fazer milk chocolate.
  • Great taste and delicious chocolate.
  • Bar is absolutely new, packed and never opened.
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  • Brand: Fazer
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