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Grocery shopping at great prices and without the shackles of membership fees or the burdens and cost of local delivery services. We encourage you to shop at your local grocery store, interact with your grocer, butcher and fish monger, meet your neighbors and ask someone at the store about how to oven roast eggplants.  But you cannot find everything locally, and sometimes you simply don't have the time or energy to go out of your way for products you are used to consume. For this reason Grocery.com Shopping amassed more than 100,000 every day food and beverages from thousands of brands  and suppliers around the country and the world ready to ship on a days notice.

Not Everything is Everywhere.

An average US supermarket carries about 42,000 items and while this is a very large number of products, many times we simply cannot find the special sauce for your special recipe. Our shopping service is designed to solve this problem, by giving you access to a very large number of items, so that if you are in NY you can buy the top three Texas BBQ sauces and if you are in Chicago and crave NYC's famous Everything Bagels, we'll ship you a dozen. We also give you a platform where you can get hard to find items and make special requests to our buyers to find items you are looking for that we do not yet list on our site. Just fill up a request form with as much information about the product as you possibly can provide and we will get to work.

About Perpetual Media Group

From our main online property www.grocery.com visitors can access wealth of information about the main players of the grocery industry. We published profiles on every major grocery retailer, brands, manufacturer and suppliers in the Americas, Europe and Australia. These de-facto official profiles of the retailers contain basic description, history, geographical and financial data, links to jobs opportunities, weekly circular and general contact information. The information is a result meticulous research of a variety of publicly and other sources and the result is often cited in wikipedia and other articles.

News and Opinions

Our editors and writers scout newspapers, magazines, government publications, the web and other information sources to bring you fresh content  about grocery products, brands, manufacturers and suppliers. In our news section you will find anything from press releases to in depth product reviews conducted by independent food enthusiasts to food safety alerts and new product introductions.


Listing of grocery stores and food supply in your area has never been more accessible organized and tailored to your local needs. Here you will find anything from lists of local grocery stores, farmer markets, farming cooperatives, local caterers, etc.

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