Cask’D Artisanal Rum Coffee - Made With Medium Roast Brazilian C

Cask’D Artisanal Rum Coffee - Made With Medium Roast Brazilian C

Cask’d Artisanal Rum Coffee - Made with Medium Roast Brazilian Coffee Beans - Non-Alcoholic & Hand-Roasted Single-Origin Coffee with Dark Rum - Caffeinated Rum-Infused Coffee (12 ounce Whole Bean)

  • ☕ COFFEE REINVENTED - Satisfy your caffeine cravings in a different way with our artisanal rum infused ground coffee. It is made from carefully selected single-origin Brazilian coffee beans.
  • ☕ MADE WITH RICH RUM - Our distiller scoured the Caribbean for the best dark rum that would complement our coffee. It has the ideal balance of the caffeine with the spirit’s own tasting notes.
  • ☕ SMOOTH & SYRUPY - Our specialty coffee has a blend of flavor like no other. The beans’ direct contact with the spirit results in a smooth and syrupy taste with notes of brown sugar and molasses.
  • ☕ PERFECT MEDIUM ROAST - Our infused rum coffee comes in a fantastic medium roast. This preserves the taste of the dark rum while also highlighting the naturally strong flavors of our whole coffee beans.
  • ☕ NO ALCOHOL CONTENT - There’s no need to worry about our coffee making you tipsy. The roasting process evaporates all of its alcohol, and we run a lab test to ensure that’s the case in every pack.
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