Cask’D Vintners Red Wine Infused Coffee - Made From Single-Origi

Cask’D Vintners Red Wine Infused Coffee - Made From Single-Origi

Cask’d Vintners Red Wine Infused Coffee - Made from Single-Origin Medium Roast Brazilian Coffee Beans with Full-Bodied California Cabernet - Ideal Gift for Coffee Drinkers (12 Ounce Ground)

  • ☕ DELICIOUS PAIRING OF FLAVORS - The infusion of wine in our coffee offers caffeine lovers the best of both worlds. The richness of coffee and the fruitiness of the red wine blend so well together.
  • ☕ FRUITY & SMOOTH - Prepare to taste notes of blueberry and blackberry in our wine coffee. Of course, you’ll also get lots of cabernet flavors for a cup of joe that’s smooth on the finish.
  • ☕ MADE WITH FULL-BODIED CABERNET - We don’t scrimp on the quality of our red wine. We are meticulous in picking the finest red wine cabernet that matches well with our beans of choice.
  • ☕ ROASTED IN SMALL BATCHES - We handpick the finest Brazilian coffee beans to make our wine-infused blend. These are small-batch roasted to a perfect medium for that excellent balance of flavors.
  • ☕ ZERO ALCOHOL - Our roasting process burns off any alcohol content of the cabernet wines we use. We take lab samples from each batch so you can rest assured that there’s no alcohol in your cup.
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