Aleppo Pepper by Crimson and Clove 2.6 oz.

Aleppo Pepper by Crimson and Clove 2.6 oz.

Aleppo Pepper by Crimson and Clove (2.6 oz.)

Aleppo pepper is slightly sweet with a moderate heat level and bright, fruity accents. It is very popular in Middle Eastern cuisine. Though not as commonplace in the United States, it is typically used as an alternative to red pepper flakes.

Use while grilling meats and veggies, in fresh salads or even as a unique ingredient in homebrewed beer. We also love it on pizza and in homemade tomato sauce.

Hand packed and sealed in square bottom glass jars that fit most standard spice racks (container dimensions are 2''x2''x3''). Jars are re-sealable and the opening is big enough to grab a pinch or even use a teaspoon. We pack in small batches so you can be assured the spice you are getting is fresh, flavorful and aromatic. You'll smell and taste the difference right away.

You care about what you eat. We do too.
  • Our spices are all natural and free from chemicals, flow agents, added salt, MSG and sugar. It's just spice.
  • Hand packed and blended in small batches in New York. Each bottle has a date of birth so you know your spice is fresh, fragrant and flavorful.
  • All order will ship within 1 business day using USPS Priority or First Class Mail.
  • Ingredients: 100% Aleppo pepper.
  • Similar in taste to red pepper flakes but with added complexity and flavor.
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