Annies Naturals [Gluten Free] Mustard-Horseradish/Gf Organic

Annies Naturals [Gluten Free] Mustard-Horseradish/Gf Organic

ANNIE'S NATURALS [Gluten Free] Mustard-Horseradish/Gf (Organic) 9 Oz [1 Pack]

  • Ideal for kidney health, rehydrates after exercise. Helps with fluid retention. Reduces anxiety – creates calmness.
  • This purifying juice is made from freshly harvested celery root. With the flavor of celery, this juice is light, crisp and refreshing, with a hint of sweetness.
  • Great before a nerve-racking experience, such as a speech. Excellent source of Potassium (20% DV)
  • Acts as a diuretic, helping neutralize pH balance and stimulating kidney function, ridding the body of toxins and allowing the body to resist disease
  • Reduces formation of kidney stones. Acts as an anti-inflammatory. Manages swelling. Used to reduce effects of asthma
  • Love It: 964
  • Brand: Annies Naturals
  • Product Code: B00MMEUSGS
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