Athletic Brewing Company Daypack Sparkling Water - 12-Pack Of Le

Athletic Brewing Company Daypack Sparkling Water - 12-Pack Of Le

Athletic Brewing Company DayPack Sparkling Water - 12-Pack of Lemon Lime Flavored Seltzer - Zero-Calorie, Zero-Carbs - Natural Ingredients For A Great Tasting Drink - 12 Fl Oz Cans

  • Lemon Lime Seltzer: The light, bright, and zesty one of the pack. It leads with lively notes from both fruits – neither sweet nor bitter, but somewhere perfectly in between. Moments later the Chinook hops hit with a refreshing but subtle combo of citrus and pine to close out your sip. Double the flavor with hops just for fun. You’ll never go back to Plain Jane lemon NA seltzer again. Includes a 12-pack of 12 oz cans.
  • Better Flavored Hydration: Named after the most essential item for any daytime excursion, DayPack is an adventure into the land of seltzer. Like drinking crisp, clean sparkling water straight off the mountain—with a splash of hops for good measure.
  • Zero Calories And Zero Carbs: A refreshing NA sparkling seltzer that is hydrating with zero calories and zero carbs. Ideal for those occasions that don’t fit a brew.
  • Three Clean Ingredients: Pure and all-natural. Formulated with sparkling infused premium fruit natural flavors, hop oil, and water. That’s it.
  • Pioneering A Sparkling Seltzer Revolution: When still water just won’t cut it and you want to sip on something a little more exciting. Athletic Brewing formulated DayPack to be your go-to extremely refreshing beverage. It’s a treat for the tastebuds and twelve fluid ounces of hopped up hydration. Slug it from sunup to sundown, pack it in your knapsack, or crack it open at home. Athletic Brewing DayPack is best enjoyed on occasion, at any location, and at all times of the day.
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