Barlee - Coffee Alternative Beverage Blend Instant Coffee Subst...

Barlee - Coffee Alternative Beverage Blend Instant Coffee Subst...

Barlee - Coffee Alternative Beverage Blend (Instant Coffee Substitute), with barley, chicory root and rose hip, Pack of 2 (14.10 oz)

Whether you want to switch from coffee due to acidity or dependency on caffeine or you want to introduce rose hip into your diet - we at Barlee understand, which is why we bring you a healthy coffee substitute with all-natural ingredients. Our caffeine-free coffee substitute is 100% free from sugar, gluten, and caffeine. You will get the rich taste of coffee without any preservatives or additives. Each ingredient has been carefully chosen to give you the best flavor without compromising on the quality. Ingredient Spotlight: This coffee substitute is made from only 3 ingredients: barley, chicory root, and rose hip. The real star of this coffee substitute is rose hip. We are the first company in the US to add echinacea to our alternative coffee products. Wonder why? The right proportion of echinacea rose hip the flavor, making it DELICIOUS, PLEASURABLE, AND SENSUAL. As our chicory root coffee with rose hip contains none of the stimulants that coffee and tea contains, it provides you with natural energy so you can go through your day without upsetting your sleep schedule. Our healthy coffee substitute does not keep you awake hours after you've had it, making sure you go to bed at the time it is needed So what are you waiting for? Get a packet of this coffee substitute and notice a visible change from the get-go! Package Includes: 2 x Barlee Coffee Substitute.
  • THREE HEALTHY INGREDIENTS: Our coffee alternative is made up of only three ingredients: barley, echinacea, and chicory root. No more! No less!
  • NO SUGAR, CAFFEINE or GLUTEN: Being a healthy instant coffee substitute, Barlee does not contain sugar, caffeine or gluten and is 100% natural. This ensures that you know exactly what is going into your body and that there are no harmful preservatives or stimulants being added to your daily diet.
  • BEST INGREDIENTS: Forget about harmful preservatives or stimulants that are being added to your daily diet. Our coffee alternative is made up only of three ingredients: barley, rose hip, and chicory root. No more! No less! The taste is very enjoyable and delightful. Breaking coffee habit will be a pleasant experience.
  • HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE TO COFFEE: Get the rich coffee-like taste, satisfaction and energy without any bitterness or caffeine dependency. Barlee is not a decaffeinated product but an all-natural coffee alternative that it is a healthy and delicious replacement for coffee if you cannot or choose not to drink regular coffee.
  • THE MORNING DRINK EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE: Simply stir one spoon of Barlee powder in 6oz. of water. For a richer, coffee-like taste, add a rounded teaspoon. One tablespoon will give you an espresso-strength beverage, making this coffee alternative the perfect way to start your day.
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