Barnums Mini Animals Crackers 12 Pack Box 2- 12 Pack Boxes

Barnums Mini Animals Crackers 12 Pack Box 2- 12 Pack Boxes

Barnum's Mini Animals Crackers 12 Pack Box (2- 12 Pack Boxes)

These classic cookies have the same flavor you remember.
  • DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUS SNACKS: Our snacks are whole grain rich, containing 51% or more healthy whole grains. Your child can now enjoy the amazingly delicious taste, with nutritional value included!
  • SUITABLE SCHOOL SNACK: Nutritional Choices knows how hard it can be for parents and schools to find healthier options for allergen-free treats. Our snacks make sure everyone has yummy options at their fingertips!
  • KOSHER AND NUT FREE: We really believe that every kid deserves a great snack. Nutritional Choices whole-grain snacks are made in a Kosher and nut free facility, are vegan, contain no high-fructose corn syrup, with no trans fats or hydrogenated oils, ensuring no kids feel left out on the snacking fun.
  • SERVING K-12 SCHOOLS: School Lunch Directors don't have time to monkey around with snacks. That's why Nutritional Choices built our entire snack line up with schools, daycares, summer camps, colleges and healthcare centers in mind.
  • A TIMELESS SNACK: Animal crackers have been a classic snack for many generations and one that never goes out of style! Now reinvented to provide more nutritional value without compromising the taste!
  • Love It: 86
  • Brand: Nabisco
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