BerriHealths 100% Authentic Black Raspberry Powder - 100 Grams

BerriHealths 100% Authentic Black Raspberry Powder - 100 Grams

BerriHealth's 100% Authentic Black Raspberry Powder - 100 Grams

We take whole black raspberries, freeze-dry them, and turn them into powder. This means you get a great powder you can add into drinks, smoothies, cereal, or other food, while still knowing you are getting high-quality berries and not a puree. How can you tell? Check out the fiber in our product vs. others! Each bag contains around 500 freeze-dried black raspberries Our freeze-dried black raspberries are used in clinical trials at multiple top research universities here in the United States. Our berries are used because of their high quality and levels of beneficial nutrients, as well as our strict approach to quality control and product testing. Freeze-drying technology allows us to remove the water from black raspberries without removing any of the unique phytonutrients found in the berry. Our packaging technology locks out air, humidity, and harmful UV rays, keeping our products shelf-stable for years.
  • Our BerriHealth black raspberries are extensively tested for use by universities and researchers across the country.
  • Each bag is made from around 500 authentic Oregon black raspberries (Rubus Occidentalis) grown by our partner family farm.
  • One pouch contains more black raspberry powder than three hundred and thirty 300mg capsules.
  • We are the only company that uses whole freeze-dried black raspberries for our powders. This means you get whole-berry nutrition in every serving!
  • Our pouches are designed to keep air and moisture out, and are purged with nitrogen to make sure you get nothing but the highest quality black raspberry powder.
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