Bulgarian Starter Culture For Traditional Yogurt - Natural - 10

Bulgarian Starter Culture For Traditional Yogurt - Natural - 10

Bulgarian Starter Culture for Traditional Yogurt - natural - 10 capsules for 20 liters

  • (2) 250g ORGANIC PUMPKIN SEED BUTTER: Made using artisan techniques with raw organic European pumpkin seeds, this spread brings you all of the health benefits of the pumpkin seeds while adding great texture and taste to your favorite healthy breakfast foods or baking – especially smoothies, oats, toast and cookies.
  • COMPLETELY RAW: Many nutrients are delicate and can be destroyed or diminished by heat. All of our products are completely raw, so you can be confident that you’re getting the complete nutrient profile of the plant into your diet. Many people report huge health benefits from a raw food diet.
  • STONE GROUND: The low temperatures we use in our traditional methods of stone-grinding or cold-pressing protect all the nutritional goodness in the food, ready for you to spread, mix, drizzle, scatter and enjoy. Every tiny seed, nut or fruit is the best it could be.
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC: All of our products are 100% pure, ethically sourced, and certified organic. That means no synthetic pesticides, no chemical herbicides, no synthetic fertilizers and absolutely no genetically modified material. We also select producers who are kind to the environment.
  • INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS: Of course our products aren’t just healthy. They are so flavorful, rich and smooth that you’ll be tempted to eat them straight out of the jar. With Sun and Seed, healthy living means delicious eating, no matter which product you choose.
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