Calpico Soft Drink, Mango, 50.67-Ounce Pack Of 2

Calpico Soft Drink, Mango, 50.67-Ounce Pack Of 2

Calpico Soft Drink, Mango, 50.67-Ounce (Pack of 2)

  • FREE HOMTIEM WOODEN SALAD BOWL: You will receive 1 high quality Homtiem Wooden Salad Bowl, Measuring: 8" diameter and 3" high. It is a handcrafted wooden bowl from Samanea saman, it is designed to a minimal square bowl which is perfect for salad, pasta, bread, cereal, and more!
  • Enjoy our Black Garlic Mayonnaise in a squeeze bottle that easily controls the proportion of Mayo that comes out so that you can add it to any kind of recipe, spreading, dipping, dressing etc
  • Indulge in the delicious, smooth and creamy taste of Homtiem’s Black Garlic Mayonnaise made from fermented garlic for sandwiches, burgers, dressings, sauces or any other recipes
  • HOMTIEM Black Garlic Mayonnaise is made from an egg-free recipe with fermented and aged black garlic. It is also free from dairy, gluten and GMOs ingredients, making it suitable for a Vegan lifestyle. With no added chemicals or preservatives, you get the most authentic and delicious Black Garlic Mayonnaise
  • Our Black Garlic is a health food, fermented at our own factories from Thailand's single clove fresh garlic by controlling the temperature and humidity for 90 days. Black Garlic contains benefits that are twice the amount of antioxidants than in fresh or normal garlic also while having many active ingredients such as, S-Ally- Cysteine (SAC), Arginine and Polyphenol, that are good for overall health, leading towards a healthier lifestyle
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