Premium Tualang Black Honeycomb 26oz Pollen 4.8M+, TA 14+ Rich...

Premium Tualang Black Honeycomb 26oz Pollen 4.8M+, TA 14+ Rich...

Premium Tualang Black Honeycomb 26oz (Pollen 4.8M+, TA 14+) Rich in Propolis & Pollen, Wild-ripening on 250ft Treetop, Raw, Unpasteurised, Unfiltered

  • BLACK HONEY WITH COMB (premium). Rich in Propolis & Nectar | Total Activity 14+ | Pollen Count 4.8M+ | Pollen Varieties 150+ | Health Preservation Choice. Suitable for people with weak body, excessive smoking and alcohol, poor sleeping quality and at menopausal period.
  • TUALANG HONEY is a rare & precious honey produced by a special giant honey bee “Apis Dorsata”, only available in Southeast Asia equatorial rainforest. Harvested from Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra. Honeycomb ripening on Tualang Tree at 250ft. height & hardly harvesting highlighting its preciousness. Hundreds of medicinal plant flowers contributing to distinctive organic nectar sources. Our Tualang Honey is likely the best honey you have never tasted before! 
  • BIOACTIVE. Our Tualang Honey is rich in bioactive compounds, including phenolic, flavonoids, amino acids & proteins. Comparative studies show Tualang Honey has much higher level of phenolic & flavonoid content than Manuka Honey and other honeys giving it more than the normal nutrition value. Gaining increasing recognition by worldwide scientists & academic community in recent years. 
  • AWARDS-WINNING. Health Harvest is one of the leading distributor of Tualang Honey & 1st Award-Winning brand of Tualang Honey: (1) Natural & Organic Awards Asia 2016 – Best New Natural/Organic Food, (2) A.A. Taste Awards 2018 – 3 Stars Winner, (3) Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2020 – The Top 15 Best Luxury Honey in the World.
  • WE GUARANTEE. Authenticity | Raw Processing | No Heating or Pasteurisation | 100% Traceability | No Blending | Origin & Sanitary Certificates | Independent Laboratory Tests for Single Batch | No Residue of Chemicals or Heavy Metal | No Addictive | No Sugar Feeding & Adulteration | Ecological Friendly Harvesting | Licensed Co-packer in Hong Kong | Packed in Glass Jar.
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  • Brand: Health Harvest
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