Albers, Yellow Corn Meal, 40 Oz

Albers, Yellow Corn Meal, 40 Oz

Albers, Yellow Corn Meal, 40 oz

  • Corn meal for dishes the whole family can enjoy: Each box prepares enough corn meal to prepare everything from sweet corn bread to corn muffins, fried fish and chicken, and more!
  • A staple in households everywhere: A classic, savory yellow corn meal made only from premium corn
  • Easy to make: With only a few steps (separate instructions found on box), you can easily prepare corn breads, corn meal mush (or a fried mush variation), you name it!
  • Mixes well with other cooking ingredients: Naturally fat-free (and with 0 grams of sodium), and is great when paired with other ingredients for versatile dishes
  • What's included: Every order of this mix includes one, 40 OZ box with a shelf life from production of 548 days. This box is great for buying an extra one to always keep a Albers mix on hand for when you crave it! *Please see individual box best buy dates
  • Love It: 3994
  • Brand: Albers
  • Product Code: 759-0745
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