Alma Semillera Heirloom Cornmeal/Polenta - Peruvian Purple

Alma Semillera Heirloom Cornmeal/Polenta - Peruvian Purple

ALMA SEMILLERA Heirloom Cornmeal/Polenta - Peruvian Purple

  • Use the same way you would a white or yellow cornmeal. Also perfect for: baking such as cornbread or muffins, breading foods for frying.
  • Makes a gorgeous soft polenta, recipe included on the back.
  • Purple corn has anthocyanins, the same health-boosting antioxidants found in blueberries.
  • Family farmers in Perú cultivate these unique varieties of heirloom maize, using traditional regenerative growing practices and working to preserve the rich genetic diversity of corn in the region.
  • Naturally vegan and gluten-free; produced in a gluten-free facility. No added fillers or artificial preservatives. Package is ASTM-certified compostable.
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