TableTop King 5 Gallon 38 lb. Coconut Oil

TableTop King 5 Gallon 38 lb. Coconut Oil

TableTop King 5 Gallon (38 lb.) Coconut Oil

  • MADE FOR KOMBUCHA This loose leaf blend of organic Ceylon and Oolong teas is specifically formulated for kombucha home brewing so you get delicious results every time you brew
  • EXCEPTIONAL INGREDIENTS Only the highest quality organic, fair-trade ingredients so you feel good about what you brew; absolutely no oils, fragrances or artificial flavors, just 100% organic, real teas
  • DELICIOUS FLAVOR Delivers a smooth, medium body with the citrusy notes of Single Estate Ceylon Black and by the smoky, earthy tones of Wuyi Oolong. It's traditional kombucha, straight up!
  • PERFECTLY SIZED Each pouch contains the exact amount to brew a total of 10 gallons of kombucha. For a one gallon brew, simply measure out 3 TBSP and follow standard kombucha brewing instructions
  • BLENDED JUST RIGHT A perfectly balanced blend of Organic Ceylon Black Tea and Organic Oolong Tea makes for a nice, clean traditional kombucha on its own or creates the perfect base for future flavoring in second fermentation
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  • Brand: TableTop King
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