Coriander Seeds Whole | 15 oz - 425 g Reseable Bag | 100% Natura...

Coriander Seeds Whole | 15 oz - 425 g Reseable Bag | 100% Natura...

Coriander Seeds Whole | 15 oz - 425 g Reseable Bag | 100% Natural, Freshly Packed | Gluten-Free & Non-GMO | by Eat Well Premium Foods

Coriander Seeds | 15 oz - 425 g Reseable Bag , Bulk | Ground Corriander Seed Powder | MEDITERRANEAN CROPS

What Does Coriander Taste Like?

Coriander's versatility stems from two key features of its personality. The first is its multifaceted flavor profile. Coriander is hard to pin down in so many recipes because its flavor is all over the map. It has a sensual musk punctuated by an unlikely citrus twang. There's a raw earthy scent to it, made civilized by notes of butter and thyme.


  • A combination of coriander and cumin seeds powdered together is popularly used in Indian dishes.
  • Coriander powder is widely used in south Indian preparations, especially rasam, kara kuzhambu, vegetable preparations, etc.
  • It is an essential ingredient of many curries and gravies as it has a mild aroma that instigates the appetite.

  • Adding ground coriander to pancake and waffle mixes imparts a pleasing taste to it.

  • Put dry roasted coriander seeds in a pepper mill and keep on the dinner table so that you and your family can use them at any time on salads, soups and gravies too.

    Why Coriander Powder and Seafood Make an Especially Good Combination

  • Cilantro is often promoted as a tool for chelation, or removal of heavy metals, including mercury, from your body. Research to support this is scarce, but there is evidence showing that eating cilantro along with foods that contain heavy metals may reduce the metals' absorption and toxicity in your body

    • WHAT IS CORIANDER : Coriander is an aromatic annual plant that grows all over the world, although it's native to the Mediterranean and western Asia. In the U.S., coriander leaves are commonly referred to as cilantro, although they're also known as Chinese parsley when used in Asian cuisine.
    • WHOLE CORIANDER SEEDS are the dried berries of the coriander herb, but have little similarity in taste to fresh coriander. The seeds can be bought whole or in powdered form. Ground coriander is a component of many different spice mixtures including garam masala and harissa, It's also good added to savoury pickles, chutneys or casseroles and can be used in cakes and other baked goodies. Crushed whole coriander seeds are delicious for flavouring homemade burgers.
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