Crapola #2 Cranberry Orange Granola Cereal - All Natural, Health...

Crapola #2 Cranberry Orange Granola Cereal - All Natural, Health...

Crapola #2 Cranberry Orange Granola Cereal - All Natural, Health...

Crapola #2 Cranberry Orange Granola Cereal - All Natural, Healthy Breakfast or Snack - 12 oz Bag

Crapolais cranberry orange granola, a ready-to-eat breakfast cereal. It's a nut-free and gluten-free combination of organic grains, seeds and dried fruit, lightly sweetened with honey. Crapola is mixed by hand, oven roasted, and packaged fresh in zip-seal bags.

Using only premium ingredients, we bake small batches of this wonderful granola in our family-operated bakery at the edge of Minnesota's north woods wilderness. We combine great taste, wholesome nutrition, and a healthy dose of humor in every bag.

If you're looking for the best way to start your day and fuel your active lifestyle, you've found it. At Crapola, we are challenging the status quo with a fresh approach to breakfast and snack foods. Our granola is made with 100% real-food ingredients.

Enjoy anytime, anywhere Crapola granola is perfect as:

- A delicious mixed in a smoothie bowl, chia pudding, or yogurt
- An on-the-go snack that provides a delicious energy boost
- A hearty, totally satisfying cereal

Our granola is:

- All-Natural
- Gluten-Free
- Vegan
- Nut-Free
- Non-GMO
- Preservative-Free
- Low-Sugar
- High-Fiber
- Wheat, Dairy, Soy, and Peanut Free

  • ARTISANAL SMALL BATCHES, CONSCIOUSLY CRAFTED - We make our products differently so you know you're eating only the best. We never use refined sugars or artificial flavors. Crapola is mixed by hand and oven roasted in our family operated bakery.
  • ALL NATURAL, 100% REAL FOOD INGREDIENTS - No trans-fats, no chemicals, no preservatives, no GMOs and nothing artificial ever! The way mother nature intended our foods to be, made from scratch, to taste great, with a passion for your health.
  • WHOLESOME, HEALTHY - We offer premium ingredients that can reduce inflammation, stabilize blood sugar and blood pressure, and promote a healthy weight. Seeds are a great source of heart healthy monounsaturated fats, fiber and essential vitamins and minerals like antioxidant vitamin E and selenium.
  • PERFECT BREAKFAST OR SNACK TO FUEL YOUR DAY - In a convenient pouch, Crapola makes the perfect snack and travel companion. Whether you are a weekend warrior, outdoor enthusiast, or just a busy parent who needs a healthy snack to get them through the day, we've got you covered.
  • "MAKES EVEN WEIRD PEOPLE REGULAR" - Crapola is simply a good source of fiber, which is an important component in a healthy diet. The recommended serving size of Crapola is 1/2 cup. That's a good place to start. Our dog once ate an entire bag and he lived happily ever after (by the way, fiber makes even dogs regular, too).
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