Cricket Flour: All Purpose Baking Flour 12Oz Blended Mix - Mad

Out Of Stock Cricket Flour: All Purpose Baking Flour 12Oz Blended Mix - Mad

Cricket Flour: All Purpose Baking Flour 12oz (Blended Mix) – Made in Portland, Oregon with High Protein Cricket Protein Powder. Great for Edible Insects Baking Recipes by Cricket Flours

  • MADE IN N. AMERICA - Our crickets are raised here in North America for human consumption and our all purpose baking flour mixed is premixed and ready to be used in your favorite recipe as a one-for-one flour substitute.
  • GREAT FOR BAKING - We crafted this blended mix of baking flours with our cricket protein powder (also called called cricket flour) so that it will work great for breads, baking, and your family's favorite recipes. Don't forget to send us a message, and we'll email you back with a FREE PDF cookbook with 25+ edible insect recipes.
  • PROTEIN BOOST - Add a boost of protein and nutrition to your favorite recipes using our cricket flour and cricket protein powder.
  • SUSTAINABLE PROTEIN - Crickets are a sustainable and environmentally friendly source of protein and nutrition because they use less water, less feed, and less land than comparable animal protein such as cattle, poultry, and fish.
  • NATURAL NUTRITION - Crickets are a natural source of all the essential amino acids (e.g. leucine, isoleucine, valine, etc.), Omega-3s and 6s, B12, antioxidants and more!
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