DArbo Rose Apricot Fruit Spread, Pack of 6

DArbo Rose Apricot Fruit Spread, Pack of 6

D'Arbo Rose Apricot Fruit Spread, (Pack of 6)

Delicious fruits that have been selected with special care, together with a high fruit content of 55 percent 40 percent orange, make Dario All Natural preserves a real taste sensation at breakfast time. Dario All Natural preserves are based on an old family recipe. Then, as now, we use only high quality fruits gently heated and stirred. This helps preserve the natural fruit aroma. fruits, sugar, concentrated lemon juice and the gelling agent pectin are used to make our All Natural preserves. We do not add artificial colorings or preservatives to our All Natural preserves in fact it is prohibited by law.
  • Preserves a real taste sensation
  • High quality Fruits gently heated and stirred
  • Preserve the natural Fruit aroma
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