3 color rice

3 color rice


  • 3 Color Rice, A Power Park of Organic Rubychumpear Rice, RD43 Brown Rice & Riceberry. Tri Color Rice
  • Organic Ruby Chumpear: Reddish in color, High in Phenolic Antioxidants(protective chemical compounds that offer resistance to illnesses ranging from cancer to arthritis). High in Fiber, helps in lowering cholesterol levels, preventing heart disease
  • Organic RD43 Brown Rice: Medium to low Glycemic Index, Slows absorption of sugar, Suitable for people with Diabetes
  • Riceberry Rice is not Black rice. It is a highly nutritious dark purple long grain rice, has a chewy texture and sweet aroma. It harbors its antioxidant properties in the rice bran
  • High in Fiber, Anthocyanin, can help reduce cholesterol and improve heart and digestive health. Rich in Iron, Folate, Beta carotene, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Lutein, Tannin, Zinc and Omega 3, it is recommended for people with iron deficiency anemia and pregnant women.
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  • Brand: Madigon Food
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