Dried Crystallized Ginger Cubes, 16 oz. Unsulphured Dried Ginger...

Dried Crystallized Ginger Cubes, 16 oz. Unsulphured Dried Ginger...

Dried Crystallized Ginger Chunks, 16 oz. Unsulphured Dried Ginger Candy, Candied Ginger Chunks, Caramelized Ginger Chews Candy, Unsulphured Crystalized Ginger Pieces. All Natural, Non-GMO, 1 Pound.

  • Crystallized ginger, also known as candied ginger, is made by cooking peeled and sliced all-natural ginger root in sugar water until soft and tender, and then lightly coating the ginger pieces in sugar. We bring you the finest, premium unsulphured crystallized ginger conveniently packed in a resealable pouch.
  • Crystallized candied ginger are dried pieces of natural ginger root that have a sweet and spicy flavor which adds a sparkle and tang to every dish it is added to. This premium delightful treat is all natural, non-GMO and unsulphured, preserving all of the well-known health benefits of ginger root.
  • Ginger has many impressive health benefits and has long been prized since ancient times for its culinary and health properties. Ginger may help soothing sore muscles, relieving indigestion and menstrual cramps, calming pregnancy related nausea and preventing symptoms of sea and motion sickness.
  • Crystallized candied ginger chunks are a healthy and nutritious delicacy bursting with flavor and zing that can be enjoyed in many ways. Add them to your favorite foods or snack on them straight out of the bag. Keep them fresh and handy, at home or on the go in our convenient and resealable pouch.
  • Crystallized candied ginger is a versatile ingredient that will liven up so many dishes. Steep in a hot cup of water for ginger tea or add to desserts and cocktails. Add Ginger to banana or lemon bread, pound cake, cookies, pies, pancakes, waffles, granola bars and trail mixes, salads and much more!
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