60 Grams Of Ground Fig Dried Leaves. Fig Leaf Tea, Dried Herbs,

60 Grams Of Ground Fig Dried Leaves. Fig Leaf Tea, Dried Herbs,

60 grams of Ground Fig dried leaves. Ficus carica organic and sustainable leaves, Fig leaf for tea or cooking, by Pasion Mediterranea

  • ORGANIC, NO ADITIVES, NO PESTICIDES Our FIG trees grow in a our sustainable farm close to Jerusalem in the Holy Land in their native land. We grow the trees in an organic way, meaning that no artificial fertilizer is needed to get fabulous leaves and fruits. We do not treat the trees with any kind of pesticide or chemical substance.
  • Pasion Mediterranea Fig Leaves are collected from the tree washed and hanged to dry slowly in a clean, dark room. They do not dry on the sun, so there is no detriment of the primordial substances found on them by UV rays and no bugs will reach them.
  • When dried the leaves are carefully ground, and packed with special care.
  • Ficus carica leaves tea in made by boiling water with a few spoons of leaves for a few minutes. This tea tastes and smells delicious, very fast you will submerge in warm airs of the Mediterranean lands and relax. You can drink it warm or cold.
  • A healthy, delicious tea to enjoy at any moment of the day.
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