Durkee Famous Sandwich and Salad Sauce 2 Pack

-9% Durkee Famous Sandwich and Salad Sauce 2 Pack

Durkee Famous Sandwich and Salad Sauce (2 Pack)

  • Rich Espresso: The Espresso Is a Dark Italian Style Roast of a 100 Percent Arabica Blend From South America Blended With Beautifully Frothed Whole Milk and Dolce Gusto Capsules Are Only Designed for Use With Dolce Gusto Machines
  • Italian Icon: The Rich and Bold Aromas of This Intense Espresso Meet the Smooth Taste and Creamy Texture of Frothy Whole Milk: It Comes in 2 Capsules, 1 for the Espresso and 1 for the Milk
  • Coffeehouse Quality Drinks – Create professional quality coffees and espresso with a rich velvety crema and specialty beverages that are lovely layered combinations of rich espresso and frothy milk, thanks to the machine’s high pressure
  • AROMA FRESHNESS: Hermetically sealed capsules, which preserve coffee freshness, allow rich aromatic cups of coffee every time
  • Easy to Prepare Simply Pop in the Milk Capsule and Brew Then Follow with the Espresso Capsule; Your Beautifully Layered Cappuccino Will Be Ready in Under a Minute
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  • Brand: Durkee
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