Finerfin Yellowfin Tuna In Organic Olive Oil – Zesty Lemon Flavo

Finerfin Yellowfin Tuna In Organic Olive Oil – Zesty Lemon Flavo

FinerFin Yellowfin Tuna Salad in Organic Olive Oil | Zesty Lemon Flavor | Premium Canned Tuna Fish with EVOO | Gourmet Ready-to-Eat Wild-Caught Fillets | 4.4oz can - 12 Pack

  • Yellowfin Tuna In Organic Olive Oil – Zesty Lemon Flavor (4.4 oz can - 12 Pack). Easy to open tin can for a ready-to-eat meal. FinerFin's premium canned tuna fish is pole and line wild-caught, cage-free, fresh and delicious tasting.
  • Flavor & Ingredients: This healthy tuna contains premium Yellowfin Tuna fillet in organic extra virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) with zesty lemon wedge makes for a classic dish. The citrus in the lemons pair perfectly with the seafood. FinerFin tunafish is rich in Omega 3 vitamins and it has zero additives, so you can enjoy a can of yellowfin tuna – or more – daily, guilt-free! Tuna is canned for premium freshness.
  • Features & Benefits: This tuna comes in an easy-to-open tin that prevents spills – no need for a can opener. Our tuna is wild-caught, cage and cruelty free, pole caught, OU Kosher Certified, rich in Omega-3 Vitamins for great nutritional value. This tuna contains no additives, and tastes delicious! Packaged in eco-friendly, sustainable packaging.
  • FinerFin Process: At FinerFin all of our tuna are individually caught, one by one. We harvest the tuna taking care to protect other innocent creatures in the sea. Every FinerFin catch can also be traced to its precise coastal origin. Using this centuries-old harvesting method helps us nourish fans with the cleanest, tastiest, and healthiest fish around. Since they’re caught right at the ocean’s surface, our young tuna are rich in Omega-3s , lower in mercury, and deliver a satisfying meal.
  • Uses: Our premium Yellowfin Tuna fillet in a can tastes amazing and is ready-to-eat anywhere you go! Enjoy our delicious and healthy tuna for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks. Hungry in between meals or need a light meal before the gym? Crack open a can and satiate yourself fast with some quality protein. Eat along with salads, in a sandwich, or even throw into your yummy tuna casserole recipe and cook to perfection. Great for diets, health-conscious people, and regular people alike.
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