Barbecue And Pineapple Natural Pork Meat Sticks, Smoked Meat Sti

Barbecue And Pineapple Natural Pork Meat Sticks, Smoked Meat Sti

Barbecue and Pineapple Natural Pork Meat Sticks, Sogo Snacks, Smoked Meat Stick Travel Snacks, Snack Bundle of 24 Mild Flavored Snack Sticks

  • MADE FROM FARM FRESH PORK – Our pork jerky sticks are made from lean cuts of tender, farm fresh pork. Perfect for whenever you crave meaty flavored snacks, they are seasoned with an herb and spice blend.
  • MOUTH-WATERING FLAVOR – Grab a pack of our Pork Meat Sticks and have a good time sharing it with your friends. Sogo Snacks offers a juicy, smokey barbecue and pineapple-flavored delight that you will surely love!
  • RAISED AND HARVESTED IN THE USA – Producers follow stringent policies and guidelines in raising their hogs. They are grown in lush grasslands and raised with a vegetarian diet without nitrites or nitrates.
  • ALL NATURAL GREAT TASTE – Overly great-tasting? Yep. That’s all-natural. These smoked meat snack sticks do not use any artificial ingredients, an ideal snack for health-conscious eaters.
  • ANTIBIOTIC AND HORMONE FREE – Take a bite of our yummy pork meat stick without having to worry about what goes into your body. We offer pork jerky snacks that do not contain MSG, Soy, Nuts, Dairy, or Gluten. Our hogs’ diet doesn’t include hormones, antibiotics, and ractopamine either.
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