Beef Jerky - Spartan Jerky - Garlic Himalayan Salt- Old Fashione

Beef Jerky - Spartan Jerky - Garlic Himalayan Salt- Old Fashione

Beef Jerky - Spartan Jerky - Garlic Himalayan Salt- Old Fashioned Dry Style - 33G of Protein- Premium Ingredients - All Natural Beef Jerky - Gluten Free - Zero Sugar - No Artificial Preservatives

  • DISCLAIMER – Spartan Jerky is an old fashioned style, dry type beef jerky. If you prefer sweet, sugary, moist/wet style beef jerky this is not the beef jerky for you. Spartan Jerky is a premium priced beef jerky because of our premium ingredients. Our beef jerky is not full of filler ingredients that other brands use to increase the weight of their bags. Our Spartan Jerky does not include any sugars, fillers, corn syrups, soy sauce, etc. The health conscious consumer gets what they pay for.
  • HEALTHY ALL NATURAL BEEF JERKY - Spartan Jerky is proud to provide a high quality, all natural beef jerky made with only three simple ingredients. Premium cuts of high protein beef , Himalayan salt for electrolytes and real garlic. Spartan Jerky will keep you nourished and satisfied day in and day out.
  • ELIMINATE THE JUNK - Spartan Jerky is gluten free, low carb, no MSG, no nitrates, no nitrites, contains no artificial preservatives and has zero sugar. Whether you follow you a carnivore diet, paleo diet, keto diet or are just looking for a healthy snack to fuel your day, Spartan Jerky provides the nourishment you need to fuel your day.
  • HIGH PROTEIN LOW CARB - 33 grams of protein, with only 2 grams of carbs makes this an excellent source of protein as well as a fantastic low carb snack. Give your body the fuel it needs to conquer your goals!
  • ON THE GO SNACK - This is the perfect on the go snack to support your lifestyle. A convenient snack to enjoy while hiking, weightlifting, biking, camping, hunting, at work, at home or wherever else your day takes you
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