Foustmans Salami Variety Pork Flavors 6 Pack Artisan, Nitrate...

Foustmans Salami Variety Pork Flavors 6 Pack Artisan, Nitrate...

Foustman's Salami Variety Pork Flavors (6 Pack) Artisan, Nitrate-Free, Naturally Cured

Foustman's Salami is a family-owned business specializing in creating unique styles and flavors of artisanal uncured salami. This medium-course, Italian dry salami is naturally dry-cured, and we never use chemical nitrates or nitrites. Our old-world style salami is hand cured, using traditional dry-curing practices that have been passed down from the Old Country and kept alive by passionate salami makers in the San Francisco Bay Area. The makers of Foustman's salami are direct descendants of this proud Italian culinary tradition, and have been producing artisan salami in the SF Bay Area for four generations. Delightfully chewy, tangy and perfectly spiced, Foustman's salami will take your charcuterie or cheese board to the next level. Made with natural fibrous casings. Lamb, Turkey and Beef flavors are pork free. Refrigerate after opening.
  • Artisanal, Uncured, Nitrate-Free Salamis made in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Naturally Cured, Old-World Style, All Natural, Mold and paper wrapped
  • Small family company has been making salamis in the Bay Area since 1937
  • You will receive one each of Pepperoni, 5 Alarm Habanero, Cabernet Wine, Fennel & Pepper, San Francisco Style, & Hot Toscano
  • 8oz sticks. The perfect gift for the food lover in your life!
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  • Brand: Foustmans
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