French Crepe mix 3 packs Authentic & Easy crepes at home - Fre...

French Crepe mix 3 packs Authentic & Easy crepes at home - Fre...

My French Recipe - Crepe mix (3 packs) Traditional & Authentic Mix Easy To Prepare Foolproof Recipe Makes 15 Crepes (Crêpes Françaises)

  • THE AUTHENTIC FRENCH CRÊPE AT HOME : You can make sweet or savory crêpes with this mix and dive into French flavors from you favorite Paris bistro. Enjoy the traditional French pancake on your dessert table!
  • OUH LA LA : Easy to prepare: 3 eggs, 1/2 stick of butter & 3 cups of milk and voilà! No Crepe maker or crepes tools needed! Make your crepe in a frying pan and use a whisk and a spatula. No crepe maker / crepe pan or any complicated crepe tools needed! Vegan? No problem: use soy milk or oat milk and flax eggs. (Skip the butter) Keep the same proportions and enjoy, the same great taste!
  • ONE CREPE MIX FOR TONS OF IDEAS : You can add chocolate, jam or sugar on your crêpes. Or diced apple sautéed in butter, nuts and honey. But your crepes can also be savory, with ham, cheese and egg for example. Or chicken, pesto and mozzarella. Bon appétit!
  • ONLY NATURAL INGREDIENTS - No additives or preservatives - No added flavor (because we don't need to) We use only unbleached and untreated flour from the USA - Makes more than 15 crêpes, sweet or savory!
  • CREATED BY AN EXPATRIATE FRENCH CHEF : To bring authentic French flavors in your kitchen. (Made in the USA) All of our packaging have been upgraded to resist shipping. If you are not happy with your purchase get a refund, no questions asked.
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