Fresh Whole Leaf Irish Moss - Raw - 16 Oz

-31% Fresh Whole Leaf Irish Moss - Raw - 16 Oz

Fresh Whole Leaf Irish Moss - Raw - 16 oz

  • ✔BEST KEPT SECRET: For the most delicious and emollient raw food creams! Vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free. Make your own Irish Moss Gel and use it as a base for your protein shakes and smoothies. Add it to your recipes that call for thick consistency such as cheesecake, puddings and jams. Substitute for cream in thick soups. Replace the fat in sauces, mayonnaise, salsas and dressings The same gel even doubles up as a facial mask!
  • ✔ANTIOXIDANT POWERHOUSE: The Divine Organics Irish Moss is loaded with a range of Vitamins, Minerals and Healthy Fatty Acids. This Super Food Is rich in magnesium, high in protein, with a significant amount of fiber, and contains only natural good fat like those in avocado, coconut and nuts. No additives, fillers, sugars or anything artificial or processed. Natural stimulant, more subtle and longer lasting than caffeine. Feel energetic and happy!
  • ✔RAW, NATURAL AND UNPROCESSED: Our Irish Moss, also called Sea Moss, or by its botanical name Gracilaria, is truly raw and dried under the sun right after harvesting. Because of its natural state it comes with impurities, such as sand, dirt, salt, and sea debris.
  • ✔PREPARATION: We recommend multiple washings and trimmings to ensure the moss is absolutely clean of all natural impurities and residue that comes from the sea. We also recommend soaking the moss overnight to fully hydrate it to make it easier to blend into a gel.
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