Frontier Co-Op Peppermill Gourmet 4 Pepper Blend, Kosher, Non-Ir

Frontier Co-Op Peppermill Gourmet 4 Pepper Blend, Kosher, Non-Ir

Frontier Co-op Peppermill Gourmet 4 Pepper Blend, Kosher, Non-irradiated | 1 lb. Bulk Bag

  • PEPPERMILL BLEND - Frontier Co-op 4-Pepper Peppermill Blend is a powerful, gourmet blend of white, black, green and pink peppercorns that not only adds flavor but also enhances the appearance of many dishes. Peppercorns usually come from the tropical plant known as Piper nigrum. The plant has been used since ancient times, originating from India.
  • ALL-PURPOSE INGREDIENT - This 4-pepper peppermill blend spices up recipes from salads and soups to meats, potatoes, and more. It delivers a hint of sweetness, but it is often used to add more color to the dish rather than just flavor.
  • SWEET AND SPICY - This 4-pepper blend is not a replacement for black pepper, but it does accent food and condiments well. Enjoy a colorful burst of spicy flavor that’s also mild and sweet due to the addition of pink peppercorns. Whether it’s whole or ground, this blend delivers a unique flavor to any food.
  • NON-IRRADIATED - Frontier Co-op 4-Pepper Peppermill is non-irradiated and 100% Kosher certified. Our farmers make sure to cultivate and harvest our herbs without using any ionized radiation processes or any tools with traces of meat or dairy on them.
  • ABOUT US - Owned by stores and organizations that buy and sell our products, Frontier Co-op has been a member-owned cooperative since 1976. We support natural-living and our products are never irradiated or treated with ETO. We're committed to the health and welfare of the environment and everyone producing and consuming our botanical products.
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