Green Jay Gourmet Pickled Hatch Baby Corn in a Jar - Fresh Hand ...

Green Jay Gourmet Pickled Hatch Baby Corn in a Jar - Fresh Hand ...

Green Jay Gourmet Pickled Hatch Baby Corn in a Jar - Fresh Hand Jarred Vegetables for Cooking & Pantry – Home Grown Pre-Prepared Hatch Baby Corn – Simple Natural Ingredients - 16 Ounce Jar

  • GOURMET PICKLED HATCH BABY CORN: What makes our baby corn gourmet? First off, we pick and prepare our corn when it’s at its freshest. We then pickle and jar our baby corn right away, using just a handful of natural ingredients, so you can enjoy them whatever the season.
  • CRUNCHY & VERSATILE: Our pickled baby corn is ready to eat right out of the jar. It’s a fantastic concoction of sweet baby corn, roasted red bell peppers and mild Hatch green chiles. Cook them up or eat them as they come. They make a great, healthy, raw snack!
  • ALWAYS HAVE FRESH VEGETABLES ON HAND: Most vegetables don’t have a long shelf life and it’s frustrating when you go to cook and find that crucial ingredient is past its best. Now you can always have fresh, pre-prepared gourmet quality baby corn in your kitchen, ready to add to your meals. They’ll soon become a pantry staple!
  • FRESH & HOMEGROWN: Every single pickled cob of baby corn is picked, prepared, and pickled in the USA, by a team dedicated to maintaining high quality. Every batch is hand-jarred to ensure you always receive the freshest baby corn with the finest flavors. Garden-fresh, yet pre-prepared, make these the ideal addition to your food cupboard.
  • SIMPLE, NATURAL INGREDIENTS: We use just a handful of ingredients to create our pickle brine - and they’re all kitchen staples. We don’t use any preservatives or stabilizers to keep our vegetables fresh - just good, old fashioned pickling!
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