HomeBrewStuff Essential Spirit Aging Kit

HomeBrewStuff Essential Spirit Aging Kit

HomeBrewStuff Essential Spirit Aging Kit

the homebrew stuff essential spirit aging Kit this spirit aging Kit provides all you need to start creating customized cocktails to impress your Friends, or simply to enjoy yourself. Barrel aging imparts a richer, smoother, more nuanced Flavor to liquor. You don't have to leave it to the experts at the distillery, try it at home. With this Kit, you fill your own glass bottle with your own spirits (like gin, tequila, or bourbon) and place two ounces of Oak pieces inside per one gallon. By doing so, you mimic the process of aging because the liquor absorbs compounds, color, and Flavor from the wood rapidly. And chip work better and faster than barrels because there is more surface area. Check your liquor after 10 days and decide when it has Aged to your liking -- you'll notice appreciable changes in color, aroma, and taste each day. It should be ready to drink in 10 to 30 days depending on your tastes with three types of Oak, a reusable Nylon straining bag, and instruction sheet this Kit makes it very easy to add barrel-aged Flavor to your favorite drinks. The Oak works in 4 weeks or less and you can remove them at any point to get the exact Flavor you are looking for. The homebrew stuff spirit aging Kit also makes a great gift idea for people who love experimenting with home brew, those looking to add some complexity to their whiskeys, those that want to make their own spirits from neutral alcohol, or those who simply want to try mixing their own drinks the Basic Kit includes: 1 - 2 oz. bag of light toast American Oak chips 1 - 2 oz. bag of medium toast Oak chips 1 - 2 oz. bag of heavy toast Oak chips 1 reusable Nylon straining bag 1 homebrew stuff instruction sheet please Check our other spirit aging Kit listings for upgraded options.
  • This kit provides all you need to create your own custom barrel-aged spirits - Match the flavor of years of aging in a mere 2 to 4 weeks - Works great for Whiskey, Rum, Bourbon, Beer, or even wine
  • Includes 3 types of oak: These are the highest quality oak infusion chips in different toast level to impart different flavors - Made from lightly charred American White Oak, American medium toast oak, and heavy toast oak. These oak chips add flavor, color, aroma, and complexity to your alcohol in 4 weeks or fewer
  • Includes: HomeBrewStuff Instruction Sheet - Giving you an over all view of how age your spirits, As well as some advise, and tips
  • Quick and easy to use: This process isn't demanding, or even time consuming. This kit is great for making and aging your own spirits, or even making your favorite Whiskey, Rum, Bourbon, Or scotch more top shelf.
  • Great gift idea: This kit is the perfect gift for those who enjoy customizing their drinks, homebrewing, wine making, or just want to add a little something extra to their alcohols
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