Jolly Rancher Freezer Pops 10 Ct Package Pack of 10

Jolly Rancher Freezer Pops 10 Ct Package Pack of 10

Jolly Rancher Freezer Pops 10 Ct Package (Pack of 10)

  • ♥ 150 BAR BULK VARIETY PACK ♥ This 150 Freezer Pop Bulk Variety Pack is sure to satisfy all of your freezer pop cravings! Included is 15 boxes of delicious Freezer Pops that each have 10 pops in them. You'll receive 3 boxes of each - Jolly Rancher, Skittles, Sonic, WarHeads Extreme Sour, and Sunkist Smoothie! Now you can try them all without having to commit to buying an entire case of each flavor!
  • ♥ PROTECTED BUNDLE PACK ♥ We all know the disappointment that comes when you order a delicious snack to be delivered and it arrives all leaking and broken. This pack is different! We've packed this bundle of freezer bars in a sturdy Cornershop Confections box so that they arrive at your front door in-tact and ready to enjoy!
  • ♥ TRY THEM ALL! ♥ This Freezer Pop Mega Variety Pack makes it easy to get all your favorite Candy-Flavored Freezer Bars in one convenient bundle pack! Now you can give all these flavors a try without having to commit to purchasing an entire case! If someone you know loves one flavor and you love others, then you have a perfect share pack!
  • ♥ INDIVIDUALLY SEALED GIFT BOX! ♥ Each of these delicious Freezer Bars are individually sealed - both the pops AND the boxes! This makes them perfect for sharing with people in your life (should you be so generous!), storing away in your car or gym bags (yeah, it's a thing...), and having just a little treat here and there while keeping the others perfectly fresh! They are also packed in a Cornershop Confections Gift Box for added protection!
  • ♥ NOW OR LATER! ♥ These Freezer Pop Variety Packs come ready to freeze and eat within the day or, since they're in the freezer, can be stored away and eaten little by little over time! They're also perfect for buying in bulk for events like outdoor sports games for the team and family, a day at the lake or pool, or any other time you need a refreshing treat!
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