KAKUIDA Premium Brown Rice Black Vinegar Aged 10 years 33.8 Fl, ...

KAKUIDA Premium Brown Rice Black Vinegar Aged 10 years 33.8 Fl, ...

KAKUIDA Premium Brown Rice Black Vinegar Aged 10 years 33.8 Fl, Oz (1000 Ml)

INGREDIENTS: Brown Rice, Koji yeast, Water. Kakuida's black vinegar has been made for more than 200 years by a traditional process from Edo period. This brown rice black vinegar is aged over 10 years, and 33.8 FL OZ (1000 ml). 67 servings (per 15ml). The acetic acid is abundant in the Kakuida's black vinegar, which is absorbed into the body, and a substance called adenosine is produced. Adenosine then goes on to act beneficially on the blood vessels and blood pressure. Other amino acids are present in the vinegar, which are very beneficial to a body. The maturation process occurs in the specially designed vinegar pottery jars, increasing the mellowness and amino acid contents. *Recommendation: Dilute 1 tablespoon(15ml) Black vinegar with 10-15 times water, drink up to 3 times daily after a meal.
  • 10 YEARS OF FERMENTATION - A decade of natural aging with the grace of the sun in Kagoshima, Japan, famous for its secret traditional healthy method that lasted for 200 years. Named "Heavenly Grace", the masterpiece of naturally brewed vinegar.
  • HANDCRAFTED BY THE BREWMASTERS - Carefully made in earthenware jars using traditional methods with the artisan's spirit of reviving the tradition of Japanese black vinegar.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY - A rich aroma, umami, and mellow taste is exceptional. High-quality natural ingredients. No artificial preservatives, flavors or dyes.
  • THE SECRET TO LONG AND HEALTHY LIVING - Lowers blood pressure, cleans blood vessels, decreases fatigue, reduces lifestyle diseases, and provides good internal chemical balance.
  • EXPERIENCE THE "HEAVENLY GRACE" - Drink diluted/ Just add a little to the daily meal/ Add to sake or any other alcoholic drinks to enjoy the mouth feeling refresh.
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