[KEWPIE] Vegan Mayonnaise - Kosher, Plant-Based, Gluten-Free | R...

[KEWPIE] Vegan Mayonnaise - Kosher, Plant-Based, Gluten-Free | R...

[KEWPIE] Vegan Mayonnaise - Kosher, Plant-Based, Gluten-Free | Richly Flavored, Delicately Seasoned | Perfect for Restaurants and Home Use (64 oz Jar)

  • PLANT-BASED INGREDIENTS: Kewpie's Vegan Mayonnaise is made with all plant-based ingredients and is Kosher and Gluten-Free, making it a great option for those who follow a specific dietary restriction.
  • RICH FLAVOR AND SILKY TEXTURE: With a high oil content, Kewpie's Vegan Mayonnaise has a rich and creamy flavor that is perfect for adding depth and flavor to any dish. Its silky smooth texture makes it easy to mix in with other ingredients and create a consistent and delicious sauce or dressing.
  • DELICATELY SEASONED: Kewpie's Vegan Mayonnaise has been delicately seasoned to give it a balanced and subtle flavor. This makes it a versatile base for use in a variety of dishes, from salads to sandwiches to dips. The delicately seasoned mayonnaise also allows for the flavors of other ingredients to shine through, making it a perfect complement to any dish.
  • LONG SHELF LIFE: The ambient 9 months shelf life of Kewpie's Vegan Mayonnaise ensures that you can stock up on this delicious mayonnaise and use it at your convenience. Its long shelf life also makes it a great option for restaurants, cafes, and other foodservice businesses.
  • FROM A TRUSTED BRAND: Kewpie is a well-known and trusted brand with over 100 years of experience making mayonnaise. Their expertise and commitment to quality ensure that you are getting a high-quality product that is made with the finest ingredients. Choosing Kewpie's Vegan Mayonnaise means choosing a brand that has a long history of delivering great-tasting and high-quality mayonnaise that is Kosher and Gluten-Free.
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