King Solomon 100% Organic Premium Medjoul Medjool Dates, 2.2lbs

King Solomon 100% Organic Premium Medjoul Medjool Dates, 2.2lbs

King Solomon 100% Organic Premium Medjoul (Medjool) Dates, 2.2lbs

Shipped worldwide under our King-Solomon brand, our organic Medjool dates are the crown jewels, the king of dates; A super-fruit that sets the standards for the rest of the world.

In our state of the art handling facilities, we utilize advanced monitoring and data analysis tools to sort our organic Medjool dates according to a strict date-quality standards.

We are proud to produce premium dates that set industry standards in quality, appeal and consumer satisfaction, consistently delivering the highest quality dates with outstanding customer service and reliability.

The geography and the climate of the regions where our dates are grown are ideal for yielding crops dates production, that are hard to match in other areas on the globe.

The dates under our King-Solomon brand provide an abundance of energy, nutritional fiber, a “super food”, organic, Vegan, Non-GMO, No preservatives, kosher, void of cholesterol and gluten-free.

The natural benefits of our organic Medjool dates include extremely nutritive values from carbs, protein to fiber and more. Organic Medjool dates are high in disease-fighting antioxidants, a super-food snack which may promote brain health, Medjool dates paste can be used as a natural sweetener substitute for white sugar, organic Medjool dates are eaten on regular basis help bone strength and provide the potential to help control sugars in the blood.

Hadiklaim Date Growers Cooperative, representing Israel's leading date growers has approvals from international standard-setting bodies - BRC, GLOBAL GAP, USDA ORGANIC and IFOAM - as well as the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture and the Israeli Bio-Organic Agriculture Association.

  • SUPERFOOD: Organic, Non-GMO, No preservatives, Zero Cholesterol, Gluten-free, Kosher, Vegan dates
  • PREMIUM: each date is certified with an optical camera to ensure optimal quality and min loose-skin
  • PRODUCER: We're the world's largest Medjool marketers with thousands new palms planted each year
  • HIGH FIBER: Medjool date fibers benefits your digestive health and provides a boost of energy
  • NATURAL SWEETENER: Rich flavor Organic Medjool dates can be used instead of white sugar in recipes
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