Korean Traditional 100% All Natural Fermented Soybean Paste 450g...

Korean Traditional 100% All Natural Fermented Soybean Paste 450g...

Korean Traditional 100% All Natural Fermented Soybean Paste 450g (Doenjang), Red Pepper Chilli Paste 450g (Gochujang), Soy Sauce 500ml (Ganjang) Set, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free

Yoon Jiyeong Jang vs Factory-made Jang

The main reason current manufacturers shy away from the traditional jang-making method is that it requires much more attention, effort and fermentation time. Traditional jang is fermented with many strands of natural bacteria, whereas factory-made jang is fermented with artificially cultivated bacteria for faster production and easier quality control. So factory-made jang may have a consistent taste, but it does not embody the deep complex flavors of the traditional jang, Yoon Jiyeong Jang.

Yoon Jiyeong Jang as a traditional jang, however, must be made in a clean environment and with consistent monitoring, to ensure good quality and taste.
Experienced Jang Artisan, Yoon Jiyeong, is able to distinguish beneficial bacteria from unwanted microorganisms, which cause unplesant flavors and smell.

About Yoon Jiyeong Jang

Yoon Jiyeong Jang is a premium quality and gluten-free sauce for traditional Korean cooking. Handmade by Korean Jang Artisan Yoon Jiyeong, Yoon Jiyeong Jang consists of 100% Non-GMO Korean soybean with no chemical taste of Soybean Paste, Red Pepper Paste, Soy Sauce is the soul of artisan Yoon Jiyeong.
  • 3-in-1 KOREAN TRADITIONAL COOKING SAUCE: Soybean Paste (Doenjang) 450g, Red Pepper Chilli Paste (Gochujang) 450g, Soy Sauce (Ganjang) 500ml
  • ALL NATURAL Korean Ingredient: made with 100% Non-GMO Korean Soybean, natural Korean ingredient. No Artificial Preservatives or Additives
  • TRADITIONAL HANDMADE - fermented with traditional handmade production by Jang Artisan, Yoon Jiyeong
  • TOTAL HELTHY CARE - The bean is a vegetable food that is rich in protein. It is possible to intake proteins sufficiently with less fat and helps to maintain physical balance
  • PROCESS AND SOTRE - 100% Korean bean is processed and dried in low temperature far-infrared radiation. It is easy to store for a long time and contains living beneficial bacteria
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