Krampade Anti-Cramping Potassium Replacement Drink - 2K Lemon-Li

Krampade Anti-Cramping Potassium Replacement Drink - 2K Lemon-Li

Krampade Original 2K Lemon-Lime Low Sugar, High Potassium Cramp Relief Electrolyte Drink Powder: Faster Recovery, Slower Fatigue, Optimized Hydration | 19-Serving Pouch, All-Natural, Colorless

  • THE ULTIMATE CRAMP SOLUTION: Krampade is the only product in existence with enough potassium, over 10x more potassium than most sports drinks or oral rehydration solutions, to consistently and reliably prevent and/or stop period/menstrual cramps, nighttime leg and foot cramps, athletic cramps, or just cramps from everyday life. If it cramps, Krampade uncramps it.
  • SLOW FATIGUE AND SPEED RECOVERY: The unmatched electrolyte replacement of Krampade gives muscles what they critically need to both slow fatigue and speed recovery: potassium. Potassium loss in tissues is the primary driver of fatigue during moderate to vigorous activity and Krampade is the only product with the potassium content to feed the body what it needs.
  • FIGHT HEAT EXHAUSTION: The high potassium in Krampade increases blood flow to muscles and skin, increasing the efficacy of sweat and cooling the body. Whether it’s on the playing field or on the job, Krampade is the only product that delivers what your body needs to help fight the heat.
  • OPTIMIZE HYDRATION: Krampade helps optimize hydration with high chloride, which helps drive water from the bloodstream and into tissues.
  • MAXIMUM BENEFIT, MAXIMUM VALUE: Krampade is unlike anything else in the world and provides the most robust benefits of any electrolyte replacement powder at an affordable price. Krampade is for everyone, not just athletes. Give Krampade a try today!
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