La Cuna Sweet Onion Confit by La Tienda

La Cuna Sweet Onion Confit by La Tienda

La Cuna Sweet Onion Confit by La Tienda

One bite of this phenomenal sweet onion confit and we were hooked. The artisans at La Cuna simmer thinly sliced onions for hours in olive oil and sweet Pedro Ximenez sherry wine, transforming a simple vegetable into a flavor explosion. Serve a spoonful on a piece of toasted bread with a sliced of aged Manchego for a delicious canapé. Another pairing made in heaven is to top a char-grilled steak or pork chop with a scoop of warmed onion confit. The secret ingredient is patience. Each batch of onion confit is slowly simmered on a big, flat paella pan and stirred by hand until the sugars in the onion are caramelized. The confit is then spooned into jars one by one and sealed for delivery. The artisans at La Cuna have a mission to bring back the flavors of their childhood. Their focus is on all natural recipes, made with loving care like at home. To keep this in mind, they named the company La Cuna, which means "The Cradle." Pure and simple: onion, sugar, Pedro Ximenez sherry and olive oil.
  • Small batch, handmade, all natural with fresh ingredients
  • Made with sweet Pedro Ximenez wine
  • Seductively sweet and rich
  • Perfect for tapas and canapés
  • Size - 7.05 oz/200 gr
  • Love It: 149
  • Brand: La Cuna
  • Product Code: B01BVVIZRG
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