Labor Prep Tea By Oat Mama - 3Rd Trimester Pregnancy Tea - Organ

Labor Prep Tea By Oat Mama - 3Rd Trimester Pregnancy Tea - Organ

Oat Mama Labor Prep Tea: Peach Berry, Organic Herbs, Raspberry Leaf for Labor and Delivery, Women-Owned, 28 Cups

  • HELP EASE DISCOMFORT - The third trimester is a roller coaster of emotions characterized by symptoms like heartburn, backaches, and frequent urination. Our Labor Prep Tea helps ease your discomfort and keeps you hydrated to help your body get ready for the big day.
  • ENJOY ITS DELICIOUS TASTE - Pregnancy can make your taste buds sensitive. But in taking our prenatal tea, you do not only help strengthen and tone your uterus, you also satisfy your craving for a delightfully tasting tea, made distinctive by our fresh blend of raspberry leaf, alfalfa leaf, and more.
  • STAY NOURISHED FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR BABY - We want to give you the most effective products to help you stay adequately nourished. Hence, we have carefully selected each ingredient that helps prepare your body for the upcoming delivery.
  • BOND WITH YOUR LITTLE ONE - Being a mom is hard, but motherhood is also one of the most fulfilling experiences. Feel healthy and happy with our labor tea and start bonding with your baby in your tummy and be fully ready for birth.
  • FEED WITH LOVE, SIP WITH PURPOSE - Oat Mama is created by moms for moms. When you purchase our product, you're not just helping your milk supply, you're also supporting a woman-owned company.
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