Lemongrass Tea Bags 3-Pack 100% Pure 90 premium bags Naturally...

Lemongrass Tea Bags 3-Pack 100% Pure 90 premium bags Naturally...

Lemongrass Tea Bags 3-Pack 100% Pure (90 premium bags) Naturally Caffeine Free

Lemongrass Tea comes from the tall blades of Lemongrass, which is in the Poaceae family of grasses. It has variety of culinary and beauty applications, but it is most highly regarded for its medicinal properties. Lemongrass Tea is bursting with a range of vitamins - A, the spectrum of B vitamins and C - as well as the mineral compounds iron, potassium, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium and copper. It also contains supercharged antioxidants and volatile oils, as well as phenolic compounds. Lemongrass tea is called a citral or lemonal, giving it incredible antimicrobial capabilities in addition to its lemon aroma and flavor. Lemongrass Tea contains amazing antioxidants that support healthy cells. Citral, one of the unique antioxidants found in Lemongrass Tea, is especially deft at defending cells against free radical damage. Lemongrass Tea helps keep the body stronger for longer. It helps relieve ailments big and small, starting with ridding the body of symptoms from the common cold, flu, coughs and aches and pains quickly and efficiently.
  • Is a full body health booster
  • Supports excellent daily nutrition with the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals bodies need to thrive
  • Assists immune function
  • Relaxes the body for emotional stability and more quality sleep
  • Zokiva offers the purest Lemongrass Tea with no additives or artificial ingredients
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